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R. Wagner
Sygfried-Idyll [18']
Wesendonck Lieder[21']

W.A. Mozart
Symphony No.35, 'Haffner' [18']



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Michel Tabachnik

Euskadiko Orkestra

Rinat Shaham

Date & Place

29October, 2020Thursday, 19:30 h.Donostia-San Sebastián AKursaal (Group 1*)Fundación Banco Sabadell
30October, 2020Friday, 19:30 h.Donostia-San Sebastián AKursaal (Group 2*)Fundación Banco Sabadell
02November, 2020Monday, 20:00 h.Vitoria-GasteizPrincipal (Group 1*)Fundación Banco Sabadell
03November, 2020Tuesday, 18:00 h.Pamplona-IruñaBaluarte (Group 1*)Fundación Banco Sabadell
03November, 2020Tuesday, 20:15 h.Pamplona-IruñaBaluarte (Group 2*)Fundación Banco Sabadell
04November, 2020Wednesday, 18:00 h.BilbaoEuskalduna (Group 1*)Fundación Banco Sabadell
04November, 2020Wednesday, 20:15 h.BilbaoEuskalduna (Group 2*)Fundación Banco Sabadell
05November, 2020Thursday, 19:30 h.Donostia-San Sebastián BKursaal (Group 1*)Fundación Banco Sabadell
06November, 2020Friday, 19:30 h.Donostia-San Sebastián BKursaal (Group 2*)Fundación Banco Sabadell
09November, 2020Monday, 20:00 h.Vitoria-GasteizPrincipal (Group 2*)Fundación Banco Sabadell

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If Schubert was a key figure in the early stages of Romantic music, Richard Wagner created a body of operas where he addressed great themes such as love, religion or philosophy, and which are the quintessence of the period of maturity of this artistic movement. Michel Tabachnik, who explored Wagner through two fundamental directors which are Karajan and Boulez, will engage with two pages that are not from his operas but which are closely related to them: the symphonic poem The Siegfried Idyll, the music for which Wagner would use two years later in the opera Siegfried and the five Wesendonck Lieder, which he wrote in 1857 while working on the opera Tristan and Iseult and in love with the author of the verses, Mathilde Wesendonck. Rinat Shaham, currently one of the world's most in-demand mezzo-sopranos, will provide her voice for these passionate songs. As a counterpoint to the Wagnerian intensity, the concert will end with the festive and solemn spirit that Mozart imbued in his Symphony No. 35, “Haffner”.



Michel Tabachnik

Michel Tabachnik


Euskadiko Orkestra

Euskadiko Orkestra

Rinat Shaham

Rinat Shaham


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