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Committed to the society that sustains it and to bringing music to new publics, the Basque National Orchestra opens its offer of activities to different collectives.,,,,,

Basque National Orchestra + FEVAS Association-Full Inclusion in the Basque Country

Since 2009 we have been working together in the context of functional diversity, bringing music to people with different capacities, skills and talents by means of workshops on sound creation, attending concerts or participation in certain projects. The orchestra musicians participate actively in order that people with different capacities may enjoy and experiment with live music.

Mosaic of Sounds, the success of an innovative experience

This project, which stems from the experience accumulated over years of collaboration between the orchestra and FEVAS took shape in 2016 thanks to an initiative by the Spanish Association of Symphony Orchestras, the BBVA Foundation and the Full Inclusion confederation. With “Mosaic of Sounds” this pioneer initiative was transferred to 14 symphony orchestras all over the country. The orchestra musicians worked with 19 members of FEVAS; this was a year of work on sound creation workshops around the symphony piece "La flor más grande del mundo” (The Biggest Flower in the World), written by Emilio Aragón based on a short story by Saramago. The result was its presentation before more than 7000 spectators on the 2016/2017 programme of season concerts.

Open Rehearsals

An activity offering the opportunity to take a close-up look at how the orchestra functions moments prior to a concert, hear the comments of the conductors, watch the interaction between musicians, conductors and soloists, and many other aspects and details not usually seen at concerts.

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