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The WEBSITE uses own and third-party cookies.
Cookie files (hereinafter “COOKIES”) are text or physical files containing information which are stored in the USER's computer, unequivocally associated to that device, thereby enabling the collection and recovery of information on how the USER browses and uses the WEBSITE.

Why COOKIES are used

The reasons for using cookies on the WEBSITE are (i) to enable better, more personalised browsing of the WEBSITE by the USER; (ii) to enable and improve the USER’s access to certain content and their use of the contents and services made available to them on its WEBSITE by the BASQUE ORCHESTRA; and (iii) to analyse USER activity of the WEBSITE with a view to its improvement and adaptation to USER requirements. 

Cookie types

The WEBSITE uses own COOKIES (sent to the USER’s device from a device or domain managed by the BASQUE ORCHESTRA and from which it provides its services) and third-party COOKIES (sent to the USER’s device from a device or domain managed by a body other than the BASQUE ORCHESTRA) as follows:
  • Technical COOKIES: COOKIES which allow the USER to browse the WEBSITE and to use the different options and services offered on the WEBSITE by the BASQUE ORCHESTRA.
  • Functionality COOKIES: COOKIES which allow the USER to access the WEBSITE and the services it offers with a series of predefined general characteristics according to certain criteria in the USER’s device (language for instance).
  • Analytics COOKIES: COOKIES which allow those responsible for them to monitor and analyse USER behaviour on the WEBSITE in order to measure activity on the same with the purpose of introducing improvements to the WEBSITE.
  • Advertising COOKIES: COOKIES which permit the management of advertising spaces included in the WEBSITE based on criteria such as content edited or the frequency with which the advertisements are shown.


Below we identify the COOKIES used on this WEBSITE:





+ info

visited /TapmetrikW


Technical cookie to know if the user has already visited the website.




Technical cookie indicating if the user has JavaScript enabled




Technical cookie to know the width to which the images must be adapted








+ info

Google Analytics




Collection of anonymous information about how users browse the WEBSITE to learn the origin of visits and other similar statistics.


IDE, ANID, DSID, FLC, AID, TAID, exchange_uid


 Advertising cookies used by Google from its domain or from those of YouTube or to remember your most recent searches, your previous interactions with the search results or with the advertising of an advertiser and your visits to an advertiser’s website.


visitor_info1_live, pref, geup, ysc

Session / Permanent

Cookies used by YouTube to store user preferences, monitor videos viewed and “Like” and “Share video” events.


Third-party analytics COOKIES

The WEBSITE uses GOOGLE ANALYTICS, a website analytics service developed by GOOGLE INC. which enables the BASQUE ORCHESTRA to know how USERS interact with the WEBSITE and draw up reports on WEBSITE browsing trends without identifying individual USERS.

The information generated by GOOGLE ANALYTICS COOKIES will be directly transmitted and filed by GOOGLE INC. on their own servers.

As a result, the collecting of information on the use made of the WEBSITE by the USER and decisions regarding the purpose for which the information is collected and how it is processed corresponds exclusively to GOOGLE INC., which acts on its own behalf, while the BASQUE ORCHESTRA has under no circumstances access to said information, but only to the aggregate and anonymous information provided by GOOGLE INC. through its reports.

For more information about GOOGLE ANALYTICS and the general conditions governing its use:

Note should also be taken that the BASQUE ORCHESTRA has no access to the information collected by the other third-party COOKIES listed in this Cookies Policy, and that it is said third parties who decide how said information is processed and used.


Notwithstanding the express consent given by the USER on accessing the WEBSITE or which they give, in the event, on registering to access the contents and services offered by the BASQUE ORCHESTRA on its WEBSITE, and any other of the WEBSITE sections including mechanisms of express consent (e.g. PARTICULAR CONDITIONS), continuing to use the WEBSITE means that the USER gives their consent for the installation and use of COOKIES in the terms described above.

The USER is also advised that they can, at any time, revoke the consent given in regard to COOKIE use on the WEBSITE, deleting the COOKIES stored on their device by means of their browser settings and adjustments.

The WEBSITE can be accessed with no need to activate the options referring to COOKIES. This notwithstanding, please note that rejecting or uninstalling COOKIES may mean that access to certain contents and the use of certain services made available to the USER through the WEBSITE do not function to their full extent.

COOKIE disablement

USERS are informed that they can restrict, block or delete COOKIE use by selecting the appropriate setting on their browser program.

For more information about your browser configuration:

For more information about COOKIES:

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