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Improving energy sustainability is part of the values of the Euskadiko Orkestra, and is in the institution's DNA and envelops all its activity.

The main objectives of the Euskadiko Orkestra in this area are the following;

  • Achieve significant energy savings.
  • Obtain control and management of consumption.
  • Implement renewable energy for the entire consumption of the building.
  • Improve the energy rating of the building.
  • Replace the company's vehicles with alternative fuel vehicles.
  • Activate sustainable mobility through the installation of charging points.

Euskadiko Orkestra is responsible for the environment. For this reason, it applies measures that guarantee the energy profitability of the building with management of the operation, air conditioning and lighting to reduce its consumption depending on the activity carried out.

In compliance with Law 4/2019 – Horizon 2030 on energy sustainability, Euskadiko Orkestra has been carrying out the following actions and investments in recent years aimed at improving energy efficiency and reducing consumption:

Investments made;

  • Installation of photovoltaic panels on the roof of the building for self-consumption.*
  • Replacement of luminaires throughout the venue and auditorium with equipment with LED technology.
  • Installation of a new, more efficient air conditioner.
  • Replacement of the steering vehicle with an alternative fuel vehicle.
  • Installation of electric charging points in the car park of the headquarters.

The following actions are currently underway:

  • Renovation of the heating and cooling system, moving from a gas boiler system to a geothermal and aerothermal system.  (in progress)
  • Replacement of outdoor lighting with equipment with LED technology. (in progress)
  • Obtaining an improved energy certification (in execution).

On the other hand, the Covid-19 pandemic has accelerated the strategy for the digitalisation of Euskadiko Orkestra to the detriment of the use of paper. In this sense, the handheld programs can already be found in digital format on our website and communication with 80% of our subscribers and customers is done digitally.

*Project under the programme of incentives linked to self-consumption and storage, funded by the European Union-NextGenerationEU (Cartel).

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