Monday 12 April, 2021

In their first joint record, the Basque National Orchestra and Robert Trevino present the most universal of Basque composers: Ravel

Launched internationally just a few days ago with Ondine Records, this eagerly-awaited and demanding recording of Ravel's orchestral works has been on the cards for some time.

Friday 09 April, 2021

Basque National Orchestra opens the selection process for concertmaster

This position is in addition to those already announced for two tutti violins and a tutti French horn. 

Tuesday 23 February, 2021

The Basque National Orchestra will perform Mahler's 'Fourth Symphony' under the baton of the great Semyon Bychkov at the Musika-Música Festival

Serena Sáenz will take the role of soprano in this concert which will be held on 6 March at the Euskalduna Conference Centre, at 19:30. 

Mozart, Beethoven, Schubert, Haydn, Brahms and Mahler, among other composers, will be performed in 36 concerts from 5 to 7 March at the 20th edition of this festival in Bilbao.

Friday 19 February, 2021

Garikoitz Mendizabal and the Basque National Orchestra come together for 'Gutizia'

The txistulari (txistu player) Garikoitz Mendizabal and the Basque National Orchestra join forces to record eight works for txistu and orchestra composed by authors of diverse origins. Through their alliance, they hope to broaden the repertoire for this instrument and boost its international audience.

Wednesday 27 January, 2021

The Basque National Orchestra carries on, despite the obstacles

The Basque National Orchestra is tackling the second part of the concert season and is committed to carrying on and staying connected with its audience, despite the immense organisational effort involved.

The schedule through to June has been redesigned to adapt to new times, programmes and circumstances. Rather than the standard 50 concerts, this season will have a total of 100 to ensure all season ticket holders and the general public can attend. Tickets are still available for some performances. 

Friday 18 December, 2020

The Basque National Orchestra takes the stage on American television

The eight concerts that were part of the ‘Euskadiko Orkestra Martxan!’ mini-season broadcast after the confinement of the first covid-19 wave are available on the American digital platform Stage Access, sharing the bill with renowned performers and ensembles from around the world.