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From the Soul

L. V. Beethoven
Fidelio. Overture [6']

A. Veprik
2 poèmes [27']

E. Elgar
Violin Concerto [48']

Christoph-Mathias Mueller

Frank Peter Zimmermann

Date & Place

20April, 2023Thursday, 19:30 h.Donostia-San Sebastián AKursaalIngeteam
21April, 2023Friday, 19:30 h.Donostia-San Sebastián BKursaalIngeteam
24April, 2023Monday, 19:30 h.Pamplona-IruñaBaluarteIngeteam
25April, 2023Tuesday, 19:30 h.BilbaoEuskaldunaIngeteam
26April, 2023Wednesday, 19:30 h.Vitoria-GasteizPrincipalIngeteam

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The eighth season programme proposes discovering the figure of Alexander Veprik, a Russian composer who was taken to the Gulag and who wrote his Two Poems at death’s door. It is a music full of colour and energy but with great depth, which will be directed by Swiss conductor Christoph-Mathias Mueller, responsible for putting Veprik on the map thanks to a magnificent album that in 2020 received the OPUS Klassik award. As well as Veprik, also present will be Beethoven and the Fidelio Overture, and what is probably the most famous concerto for violin in the British repertoire. Edward Elgar's Violin Concerto is an intensely emotional score that contains echoes of Wagner and has earned itself the reputation of being one of the longest and most difficult concertos of the repertoire. A challenge for which we have invited one of the 21st century's referential violinists and a big friend of our orchestra, Frank Peter Zimmermann.


Christoph-Mathias Mueller

Christoph-Mathias Mueller


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Frank Peter Zimmermann

Frank Peter Zimmermann


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