2018 / Naxos

Toshio Hosokawa: Orchestral Works 3

This recording presents the Orchestra’s most contemporary aspect. It is the first world recording of all of the works compiled and includes performances by the soloists who first released it. The self-same Hosokawa, one of today’s most distinguished composers, was present at the recording in the Orchestra’s Miramon headquarters where he demonstrated his emotion at the carrying out of this project, which includes for example in ‘Meditation’ a tribute to the victims of the Japan tsunami of 2011. 


  1. Meditation to the victims of Tsunami
  2. Nach dem Sturm, for two sopranos and orchestra
  3. Klage, for mezzosoprano and orchestra
  4. Autumn Wind, for shakuhachi and orchestra


Basque National Orchestra

Susanne Elmark, Ilse Eerens, sopranos

Mihoko Fujimura, mezzosoprano

Tadashi Tajima, shakuhachi/japanese flute

Jun Märkl, conductor


Recorded in Miramon (Season 16/17)

Naxos Records


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