2013 / Verso

Tesela (1982-2012)

For its 30th anniversary in 2012, the Basque Orchestra launched a project as ambitious as it was fascinating: to commission from eight composers, of different nationalities and international prestige, the creation of the same number of works in which they reflect their particular take on the Basque Country and its culture. With neither leitmotivs nor guidelines, these eight authors were given a free hand to approach this small corner of Europe as they wished, observing it based on their particular interests and portraying it through their unique personalities. The result of the invitation was eight short creations, eight Teselas (Tiles) which, juxtaposed, offer a broad look at the mosaic of contemporary creation in different geographic and aesthetic areas. With the exclusive collaboration of the BBVA Foundation.
Various directors and soloists
Basque National Orchestra
VRS 2143

1. Mario Lavista (1943): Tres cantos a Edurne
2. Michael Finissy (1946): Zortziko
3. Ivan Fedele (1953): Txalaparta-Folk Dance II
4. Gérard Pesson (1958): Ravel à son Âme
5. James Dillon (1950): White Numbers
6. Peter Eötvös (1944): The Gliding of the Eagle in the Skies
7. Isabel Mundry (1963): Calles y Sueños (Streets and Dreams)
8. Mauricio Sotelo (1961): Urrutiko Urdin 

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