Miramon Matinées 2022/23

Miramon Matinées

The Miramon Matinées have been a part of the Basque National Orchestra's schedule for more than three decades, offering a quality musical alternative. 


In a smaller, more intimate and friendly format, event by event the orchestra's chamber music season is presenting musical jewels for the delight of those who come to Miramón. The string section groups in the Basque National Orchestra usually occupy a large part of the season’s schedule, and this Season will be no exception. However, there will also be room for proposals that differ from this format. For example, the Basque National Orchestra's percussion section will resume the percussion performance with domestic elements, Living Room Music, which was so successfully launched in the Music Room educational activity but could not be carried out during the last season in the Matinées due to the pandemic. We should also highlight the presence of two choirs from the territory in as many concerts: Akelarre Abesbatza and Vocalia Taldea. All of these proposals make up an attractive menu where everyone can find their own particular treasure.

Sponsor: Kutxa Fundazioa

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