Miramon Matinées 2020/21

Miramon Matinées


The Basque National Orchestra is about to undertake a most uncertain chamber music cycle after a 29-year uninterrupted history. Uncertain, because how it goes ahead hinges on the development of the COVID-19 pandemic and its prevalence in our region. However, this edition of the cycle will be run safely in strict accordance with the safety measures in place at all times.

The Basque National Orchestra has put together a rich and varied schedule for the coming season, which will get under way by resurrecting several programmes that had to be cancelled between March and June 2020. From the fifth session, we will be treated – as we have come to except – to some surprises from various chamber groups comprising musicians from the Basque National Orchestra and from guest ensembles including two important choirs from our region: Kup Taldea and Suhar Korua. Differing from the standard small and intimate format of the Miramon Matinees is the open rehearsal of the full orchestra in mid-April, including works by Ravel.

Sponsor: Kutxa Fundazioa

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