Season concerts 2018/19

Season concerts


The coming Season Concerts will continue to enjoy the important presence of its chief conductor, Robert Treviño who will open and close the programme as well as conducting six concert programmes. Treviño’s design envisages continuing to work with the vast symphony sound in a coherent manner, packed with meaning and with a long-term vision. Hence, for example, the recurring appearance of Mahler as a distinctive note since his early days with the Orchestra. The audience, always attentive to the Mahlerian repertoire, will on this occasion be able to enjoy the composer’s Symphony No.9, brought to them by the chief conductor, as well as the fine symphony repertoire of authors such as Elgar, Dvorak and Rachmaninoff, whose presence is explained below.

Thus, if, in last Season (2017/2018) Treviño proposed a look at concepts such as “resistance, conflict and reconciliation” through Shostakovich and Britten, for the 2018/2019 season he concentrates on the concept of “variations”: variations in constant evolution, eternal, unsure and triumphant variations. And to do it he turns the spotlight on three composers: Elgar, Rachmaninoff and Dvorak. Three great composers of difficult connection yet with shared personal experiences and emotions: uncertainty and separation from their roots. Treviño invites the audience to experience, through their art, the feelings with which all people can identify. It is intended as a message of emotion, perseverance and accomplishment.

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